Political correctness,it’s the pressure of our intellectual movements,so no one says anything anymore in case somebody else gets offended. What happens if you say that and someone gets offended? “Well they can be offended. What’s wrong of being offended?”

When did “sticks and stones may brake my bones” stopped being relevant? Is not what you teach children for god-sake? It’s what you teach toddlers! -He called me an idiot! -Don’t worry about it,he is a dick.

Now you have adults going out “I was offended,and I have rights!”. And so what? Be offended,nothing happens. You are an adult,grow up,deal with it! Nothing happens when you are offended,like: “I went to the comedy show the other day and the comedian said something about the Lord,and I was offended,and I wake up in the morning,I had leprosy”. “I’ve being living in democracy but I never want to be offended again”.

Well,you are an idiot. How do you make a law about offending people? How do you make an offensive,to offend people? Being offended is subjective, has everything to do with you has an individual or collective or group or society or community,your moral conditioning,your religious beliefs, what offends me might not offend you, and you want to make laws about this?
I’m offended when I see boy bands for God’s sake!

Steve Hughes
I want someone who can really make me laugh out loud when i type “lol” #bisexual #gay #me #lol #funny  (Taken with Instagram)

I want someone who can really make me laugh out loud when i type “lol” #bisexual #gay #me #lol #funny (Taken with Instagram)

To douchebag…

oh, you want to become friends so you can go on a free trip. Hold on, let me check somethin…..nope….strange, hell still hasn’t frozen over O.o

Oh, are you mad?

nope not a single fuck to give

somedays with food I’m like…


somedays if you even mention the word food, I’m like:

Unfortunately there is still no cure for stupidity -_-