Live for today cause you’re not promised tomorrow :)

Live for today cause you’re not promised tomorrow :)


Spend all day getting ingredients and baking, and then within 15 minutes its all gone. You feel satisfied that the one you loved enjoyed it but it’s still a bittersweet feeling lol

everyone gets just one love of their life, it’s just than mine didn’t love me back.

I never throw around words like hate and love so easily.
I wouldn’t give my heart to anybody, except for you
what would you do if you could be with the person you love?… with them
I’m in love with someone and I don’t know if they feel same…so what?!…I’m going to enjoy this moment instead of worrying every second whether they love me or not.
Love somebody who will make you a better person
you left me in a pit of sorrow and hate, but I crawled out and now I’m standing on top with all of my baggage burning in the flames of love.