My response to everything

My response to everything

Don’t you hate it when…

Me: OMG, I love you so much! I’ll do anything and everything for you. I’ll never do anything to hurt you until the day I die!

Boyfriend: Oh great! that means I can take advantage of you, treat you like shit and I will never reap any of the consequences right?




Ex-boyfriend: What?

Hot guys…

I love it how attractive people automatically become the smart, wise, funny, and popular ones in society. I don’t care how good you look! U need to show me you have a heart and a brain to get this bitch.

everyone gets just one love of their life, it’s just than mine didn’t love me back.

If I had someone special…

1. I’d tell them that I loved them everyday

2. I’d hold them tight because I know how special they are

3. I’d have fun doing anything, cause I’m with them

4. I’d cuddle with them of course

5. I’d whisper things to them that will embarrass them hehe

6. I’d kiss them whenever I can

7. I’d fall asleep holding them

8. I’d accept all their faults

9. I’d never hurt them

10. I’d never run away

secrets of the heart

secrets of the heart